Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010 From Fantastic....to horrible.

( Here I am right before going to email you today!)

Well this week couldn't have started off better, and couldn't have ended worse. So to explain, I'll take you through the list of events that took place.

So right after I finished emailing you all last week I got a call from Orlando Loeza. He is the father of the kids that we will be baptizing in less than 2 weeks now. Well Sunday night we had given his daughter a blessing who has been really really sick with the flu. Monday they had an appointment with the doctor. So Monday afternoon we get a call saying that he had taken his daughter to the doctor and she was perfectly fine. He thanked us for healing his daughter and knew that it was only the priesthood that could have done that. I'm glad that he was able to see the priesthood in action and hopefully he will recieve the Melchizedek preisthood soon. But that really built my testimony on the power of the priesthood.

Then we went to the Old Market, it is such a cool place! Just an outdoor store place downtown. And this guy walked up to us who was a member and gave us 20 dollars and told us to go get some ice cream. So we did of course. Haha, by the way that is the first time that that has happened to me on my mission. Kinda... one time a woman gave me her onion rings.

Then on Wednesday I got fat. I've never eaten so dang much!! We went out to eat and I ate a huarrache, a sope, had some coke and orchata, then later that night it was Sister Riveras b-day so we showed up on her porch with a sign, party hats and Mole and Cake with flan. So I ate some mole and flan cake right afterwards. I had planned on fasting the next morning because I was so dang full....but, I ate. ;) What can I say I like food.

Then Thursday we went with Sister Rivera to visit the Loeza family. They are so cool!! But there are 9 of them so getting them to sit and be quiet is impossible. So needless to say everytime we go over there it is a party!

So Saturday we got a text from President Kunz asking us to all fast for the next 24 hours for the people that are set for baptism. This will come into play later.... So we started our fast.

Saturday was so so SO awesome!!!! We went to the trail center with..... 17 people!!! We brought 17 people there! Incredible eh? I would say so! The people at the trail center couldn't believe how many people were walking in with us.
We had all 9 of the Loeza family, plus one of their girlfriends, and their uncle. Then we had Roxana and Manuel and their 2 kids. And then the bishop came and brought his daughter. So we looked at Reflections of Christ pictures, watched the Joseph Smith movie (which they loved!) And then took a tour of the trail center. It was so awesome!!!! They had such a good time.

(Our trail center group!)

Well We ended our fast at 12 the next day and went and ate lunch with Roxana and Manuel. Holy dang I ate like 8 tacos. Not even kidding. And then they were going to come to church. And the Loezas were going to come for just sacrament meeting because it was Argenis' bday. So we were cool with that. So we had worked so so hard to get the standard this week. Last week we missed it my one lesson with a member. So we were really wanting to hit it this week. So we had taught all the lessons we needed too, found the new investigators, contacted referals. We'd done it all.....And not one person came to church, and to hit the standard requires 2 people at church. So that was pretty much the disappointment of the century. Knowing that we had done everything possible, to hit the standard and to help people come closer to Christ, and we had no fruits to show for it. Sacrament meeting is kinda like the big game. Everything you do during the week is focused on getting people to church. Getting them to come there and feel the spirit and take the sacrament. And when know one comes... it's just heartbreaking. Especially when 7 investigators said they would come. We were all pretty bummed. So this leads me to my fasting comment.

I hate fasting, I dont like not eating, so that one I obey because I have too. I'm not quite at the point that I do it because I love too. So I have fasted 3 times on my mission for people to come to church.... and 3 times... they haven't come. I'm not saying I've lost my testimony about fasting... I'm just saying....Anyways.
That was our week.

I'm glad to hear that Justin is doing great and is having a good time. That kid is a goober! He ridiculous!!! And by the way Ladron means thug or gangster and sometimes boss. That kid has to remember that there is more than just one spanish speaker in the fam. ;) I'm actually writing him a letter right now just giving him some advice. But I'll definitely include a tie in there when I send it. :) That's a good idea.


Well I love you!!!! We just keep working away out here. And hopefully this week will be a better one. Enjoy La Verkin! I hope everything shapes up in the house.

Elder Moore

(Take a good hard look at what I'm holding :) hehehe! Found that. It grows in Iowa...it's called ditch weed.)

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