Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 16, 2010 Guess what I got?

Ok, so lets start off with something crazy that happened this week.... I got my first set of "trunky" papers. I need to feel these bad boys out so that they can start making my travel arrangements. I will be getting home December 10. It was so crazy getting those!!! It made me realize that time is running out. But it's ok, cause I have been working my butt off. This week we went from one person set for baptism, to 5 people set for baptism, and we had 5 people at church so it was flippin sweet!!!!

We set the kids of the Loeza family. The parents were baptized 12 years ago and have since gone inactive. But they were found again here in Omaha, and we started teaching them, and set 4 of their kids for baptism. The dad also really wants to baptize his kids, and that is what we want also, so he is doing everything he can to become worthy of that. So this should be an awesome experience for the whole family. We are also working really hard with the uncle of that family. So hopefully we can just get this whole family baptized. That would be so sweet!

So this week we had an ok week. I mean we were totally stoked about the 5 sets, but we had so many appointments cancel on us and 3 dinner appointments cancel also. That was a major bummer! But oh well... I'm still alive and kickin and that is the important part.

So the work is really picking up here, and we have a few more potential people that we are working with that could be set soon for baptism. We should be baptizing this area right out of existence. ;)

We also had a sweet soccer game with some mexicans this past week. Us american missionaries vs. some mexicans. Ha, yeah... totally won that game 5-2. It was legit! But so dang hot. It's been like 100 here with tons of humidity. The humidity is so crazy.

Man that is such a crazy story to hear about that boy dying. That is really sad! A guy that I taught when I was in South Omaha, a 19 year old, was shot 3 times and killed. There is so much killing going on here right now it's crazy. We saw in the paper that Omaha is home to 74 gangs right now and there are shootings pretty much everyday. It's ridiculous.

Yeah I wouldn't mind staying on verizon. I like it. So you don't need to cancel Justin's phone, I'll take that when I get home. And if I want to change later I will. :) Ha it's crazy to be talking about that kinda stuff.

Well I'm glad that everything went well your first Sunday in church, and don't ya worry when I come back that house will be a party house!! ;) I hope everything is going well with the kiddos. Say hi to them and tell 'em I love them!!! Cause I do!
And yes I did get my tag back and right as I opened your envelope I put that one back on. ;)

Well take care and I love you tons!!! Keep your head up!
Elder Moore

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